3rd Annual Resolution Run
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Monahans Chamber of Commerce - Click to Visit
Monahans Chamber of Commerce
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Monahans Chamber of Commerce

The Monahans Chamber of Commerce held its 3rd Annual Resolution Run at the Sandhills State Park on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 9 AM.  They had over 100 participants this year which is about the same as last year.  The runners chose between the 5K or the 10K run.  There was also one mile health walk.  The ages of the participants ran from age 10 to 80.

The winners are as follows:

10K overall winners

Male-Christian Farris
Female-Kayla Mendez

11-19 age group
1st Christian Farris(male), Estefana Galindao(female)
2nd Conner Brock(male), Hallie Oestmann(female)
3rd Adrian Kinman(male)

20-29 age group
1st Josh Caudil(male), Kayla Melendez(female)
2nd Jeff Kuhnhenn(male)
3rd Andy Michia(male)

30-39 age group
1st Andrew Ray Franks(male)
2nd Jeff Leyva
3rd Justin Scharf

40-49 age group
1st Kyle Beran(male), Sharon Simmons(female)
2nd John Moesch(male), Keli Holly(female)
3rd Smokey Briggs(male), Lucy Chance(female)

50-59 age group
1st Glenn Stockbridge(male), Dottie Holly(female)
2nd Wayne Beast Frost(male), Jane Woodward(female)
3rd Rocky Holly(male), Teresa Engram(female)

60+ age group
1st Mike Strum(male), Alex Rose(female)
2nd Jack Rodgers(male)

5K overall winners
Male-Gabe Bel
Female-Kate Pack

5-10 age group
1st Isaiah McCalister

11-19 age group
1st Gabe Bel(male), Kate Pack(female)
2nd Eddie Tavarez(male), Justine Valdez(female)
3rd Eric Pinza(male), Jennifer Madrid(female)

20-29 age group
1st Robert Findley(male), Yvette Madrid(female)
2nd John Garcia(male), Geena Martinez(female)
3rd Brandon Chandler(male), Renee Ludrick(female)

30-39 age group
1st Ryan Nines(male), Sheila Vines(female)
2nd Koolaid(male), Carol Williams(female)
3rd Lonnie Richardson(male), Maebeth Barmore(female)

40-49 age group
1st Brandon Tate(male), Elizabeth Fuentes(female)
2nd David Escamilla(male), Chris Strange(female)
3rd Blanca Smith(female)

50-59 age group
1st Frank Heslin(male), Laura Steen(female)
2nd Tim Chase(male), Debbie Riley(female)
3rd Dianne Carter(female)

60+ age group
1st Victor Martinez(male), Sandy Young(female)
2nd Jeppie Wilson
3rd John Carter

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