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Vikki Barnes and Lorrie Andrews held their ribbon cutting for Organic Liaison at Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 10 AM.  Vikki Barnes said, "We want to thank everybody for coming out in the rain to support us."  Vikki and Lorrie also held an Open House and Consultation at the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, January 26, 2012 from 2:30-5:30 PM.  They provided examples of food that follow the Organic Liaison plan and a sample of the Rescue Me elixir.

Vikki and Lorrie joined Organic Liaison in 2010 and participated in their Chubby Buddy contest.  Lorrie has lost over 60 pounds and Vikki has lost over 30 pounds.  Both of them are 10 pounds away from their goal weight.  In January of 2011, they each won a Volvo C30.  They were also invited to the Grand Opening of the official Organic Liaison Store in Los Angeles on March 9, 2011.  Sometime this spring, they will participate in an infomercial about Organic Liaison.  They first heard about Organic Liaison on Kirstie's Big Life Reality show and decided to try the lifestyle.

Organic Liaison promotes health and well-being through proper nutrition, tasty foods, active lifestyles, group support and Organic Liaison products.  The Rescue Me Kit lasts one month.  It comes with a printed Body Game Guide, a glass bottle and pump, Rescue Me elixir (helps curb appetite, reduce cravings, boost energy, supports the metabolism and cleanse the body), Release Me (provides the right balance of calcium and magnesium, it remineralizes bone and supports the absorption of calcium magnesium to help relax after a stressful day) and Nightingale (helps with relaxation and sleeping).

Organic Liaison is about not eating processed foods.  If your food can go bad then it's good for you.  If you food does not go bad then it's not good for you.  Vikki said, "You can still enjoy sweets and eating out while living the Organic Liaison lifestyle."

For less than $5 a day you receive the Rescue Me Kit, online weight loss tools and the support you need to lose weight.  For more information contact Vikki Barnes at 425-0655 or Lorrie Andrews at 557-7974.  Their website is or on facebook at

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