Mudville News :: the Patch : Rig Counts and Business Spotlight  February 22, 2012
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Monahans Chamber of Commerce - Click to Visit
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the Mudville News Oil, Gas and Local Business Spotlight News... Rig counts too!

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Map of Texas Districts. Courtesy Texas Railroad Commission

Baker Hughes Rig Count
Dist. 1126125126126128
Dist. 28081818587
Dist. 33840393940
Dist. 45354535455
Dist. 55148434342
Dist. 65248414140
Dist. 7B1513111011
Dist. 7C7876788184
Dist. 8279289293291289
Dist. 8A3735343435
Dist. 92828283029
Dist. 107471757373
Current Commodities Market Spot Prices
Last Upate: July 30, 2014
Energy Products Price Change
 Light Sweet Crude  $99.70  
 Heating Oil  $2.89  
 Natural Gas  $3.78  
 Unleaded Gas  $2.80  
Precious Metals Price Change
 Gold (Troy oz.)  $1295.50  
 Silver (Troy oz.)  $20.63  
 Platinum (Troy oz.)  $1480.30  
 Copper (Troy oz.)  $3.24  

The Mudville News Local Business Spotlight!  Showcasing the businesses of Monahans and Ward County, Texas
patch2  Photo Courtesy of James Boatman
Ward County Drilling Permits

Ward County Drilling Permits February 9, 2012--February 15, 2012

1.  Chesapeake Operating Inc.
    University 19-25, Ward, New Drill
    University 19-28, Ward, New Drill

2.  Jetta Operating Company Inc.
    S T Neely, Ward, New Drill

3.  Oxy USA Inc.
    Shell, Ward, New Drill

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