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Vikki Barnes

Food, business, and community service has been a big part of Vikki Barnes life.  In keeping with family tradition, she created her very own restaurant vision.  Her double win (health wise and new car) with Organic Liaison led her a step farther.  She is preparing to open her own restaurant, "Soul Delicious."

Mudville:  The name of your restaurant is Soul Delicious.  Are you serving what one normally would consider soul food?

Vikki:  I'm not serving what is generally know as soul food, but food that is good for your soul.  I want people to enjoy what they are eating and feel good when they are finished eating.

Mudville:  Where are you going to be located?

Vikki:  We are transitioning from one generation to the next.  My family are big business people and have decided to change the Tulip Tea Room to Soul Delicious.  The last day the Tulip Tea Room will be open is Friday, April 20, 2012.  It is located at 102 E. Sealy.  In the beginning of May, I will open Soul Delicious.

Mudville:  What food services will you provide?

Vikki:  I will have take out, deli style service with seating and I will do some catering.  The hours will be 11 AM to 2 PM.  I will serve sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups and have different specials.  I will offer coffee, ice coffee, tea, smoothies and protein drinks.  In the future, I would like to have a mini buffet for breakfast containing fresh fruits, cereal and muffins.   I will use eco friendly service ware and to go containers to help protect the environment.

Mudville:  Why did you decide to open a restaurant in Monahans?

Vikki:  I attended culinary school at Odessa College.  I was exposed to restaurants that everyone likes to go to.  I decided then that I would prefer starting my own restaurant.  After doing Organic Liaison, my eyes were opened to a healthy lifestyle.  I want to incorporate healthy eating with good and make it all come together.  I also want to create a happy environment for anyone that works at Soul Delicious.

Mudville:  Who taught you how to cook prior to culinary school?

Vikki:  Cooking comes from both sides of my family.  My grandmother, Audrey Lackey, has always cooked and owns The Tulip Tea Room.  My mom loves to cook. My grandpa, Bill Andrews, also loved to cook.  I pretty much grew up doing the food thing.

Mudville:  Do you have a favorite ingredient you like to cook with?

Vikki:  I really like to try new things.  There are too many ingredients to choose from.

Mudville:  Would you like to say anything else?

Vikki:  Everyone has been really supportive and I want to say Thanks!

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