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The Monahans Chamber of Commerce hosted an open house/reception for State Representative Tryon Lewis on Monday, October 23, 2012 from 4-6 PM at the Ward County Convention Center.  Mr. Lewis and District Director Gloria Apolinario were welcomed by Chamber Director Teresa Burnett and the attendees.  Mr. Lewis spoke about education, the Summit Power Group, Inc project (that will be located on 600 acres of land in Penwell, TX) and other issues that effect Texans.  Mr. Lewis stated, "The formula for which school districts get money is arbitrary.  Something needs to be done with the formula."

Mr. Lewis is the Texas House of Representatives for District 81.  District 81 includes, Andrews, Ector, Winkler and Ward Counties.  Ward County was added to the district after the redistricting last year.  Mr. Lewis said about Ward County, "The leadership in the community is inspiring.  You can just feel it that everyone is looking to the future."  Tryon Lewis is married to Trudy Lynn Lewis  and they have two daughters, Eleanor R. Lewis and Annie Lewis.

If you would like to contact State Representative Lewis you can send your email to  Mr. Lewis said, "Comments regarding important issues and legislation are invaluable.  They help me do my very best to represent your interests on the hundreds of legislative issues that come before the Texas House."

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