Kaitlyn Simpson
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Kaitlyn Simpson, 17, is the daughter of Chris Simpson and Kristi Bowman.  She participates in the First United Methodist Church Youth Group, MHS National Honor Society, MHS Student Council Vice President, MHS Football & Baseball Trainer and MHS Basketball.  Her hobbies are going to church, going to the lake, spending time with family and going to Austin, Texas watching UT play baseball.

Q:  Obama or Romney? 
A:  Romney

Q:  Sundress or Shorts? 
A:  Sundress

Q:  Red, White, or Blue? 
A:  White

Q:  Steak or Tacos? 
A:  Steak

Q:  Zumba or P90X? 
A:  P90X

Q:  Team Edward or Team Jacob? 
A:  Team Edward

Q:  Sing or Dance? 
A:  Sing

Q:  Math or Science? 
A:  Math

Q:  Jason Mraz or Jason Aldean? 
A:  Jason Aldean

Q:  Money or Power? 
A:  Money

Q:  Blizzard or Blast? 
A:  Blizzard

Q:  Time out or an old fashioned Texas Whuppin'? 
A:  Old fashioned Texas Whuppin'

Q:  Why? 
A:  Kids are never gonna learn unless you just give them a little pat on the butt.

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