Jury Duty Scam
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In the beginning of July, Patricia Oyerbides, Ward County District Clerk, was notified by a woman saying that she received a text message about missing jury duty.  The text went on to say, to avoid a warrant for her arrest, she had to pay a fine.

Mrs. Oyerbides stated, "We do not send out emails or text messages. We will mail a summons asking why you didn't report for jury duty. If you receive an email or text message, do not send money.  It is not the District Clerk's office contacting you."  If you miss jury duty for the County Court, an official letter will be sent to you asking why you missed jury duty.

The Monahans Police Department advised taking down the phone number and contacting the Better Business Bureau.  For more information, or if the caller or messenger becomes irate, contact the Monahans Police Department at 432-943-3254.

Howard County residents have been receiving scam phone calls. The residents are being told that they missed jury duty and have to pay a fine to avoid an arrest.  These reports came after 118th District Judge Yeats issued a warning to Howard County citizens to follow jury summons.  The District was having a problem filling the jury pools.

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