Unveiling of the 1962 Time Capsule
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The 1962 Diamond Jubilee Time Capsule was unveiled on July 18, 2012 at 10:00 AM at the Ward County Courthouse.  1962 City Manager, Don Edmonds said, "I wish the best for Monahans for the next 50 years." Mr. Edmonds participated in burying the 1962 capsule.

200 Ward County Souvenir wooden nickels were left over from 1962. The Monahans Ambassadors handed the nickels out to the crowd. Family members from the 1962 Mayor, J.W. Thrasher Sr., came to the event all the way from El Paso.

In 1962, the Pyote Bomber Base was in the process of closing down. The base was finally closed completely in 1963.  And now in 2012, the County is in the process of building a museum for the base. President of the Ward County Historical Commission, Travis Sawyer stated, "I don't know what we will find in the time capsule, but I'm sure most of the things will be obsolete.  Technology has advance so much in just one year's time."

Judge Holly listed some of the items that will be buried in the 2062 Time Capsule.  Some of the items are:  A Lobo Flag (signed by citizens), a DVD of the 2012 Miss Monahans Contest, a list of local events, a write up on the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, information on Village Farms, a list of local officials, rolls of 2012 pennies, a bottle of water and a cell phone.

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