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Aero Care Contract approved

The Ward County Commissioners' Court met on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 9:30 AM.  The Commissioners approved a contract with Aero Care offering prepaid air ambulance services to county employees.  The County's current insurance does not cover air ambulance services. The additional coverage will cost the county employees $40 a year for a single participant, $45 a year for couples and $50 a year for 3 or more in a household.  Every member of the household will be covered under the program.  For other citizens the cost will be an additional $10 a year.

The Commissioners approved a resolution authorizing a county grant for the Texas Department of Agriculture home-delivered meal grant program for the Ward County Senior Citizen Center.  The County will match the grant money that the State grants to the Center.  The Court approved the indigent defense grant program.

The Court approved a contract with the Texas Department of State Health Services for vital statistics information.  This contract will allow the TDSHS access to out of county birth certificates.

The Commissioners approved a contract with Pritchard and Abbott for web hosting services.  Having the web hosting services will allow citizens to pay their tax bill and research property information. Tax Assessor Vicki Heflin said, "The web service will benefit the tax payers and help us to keep up with technology."  The web service will cost the county $200 a month.

Julene West Barlow was hired as a Curator for Precinct 2.  Michael Nunez was hired as a temporary part-time clerk at the Pecos Office for adult probation.  Rodolfo Guzman was hired as a jailer for the Ward County Sheriff's Office.  The Court approved the hiring of Kyle Rasband-ER full time LVN and Vicki Taylor-ER full time RN.

The Court approved assorted chairs, assorted tables, desk, hutch, file combo, fire cabinets, law library shelving, operational office equipment and operational computer equipment as surplus to be sold on govdeals.com.  The Commissioners approved wooden shelving, pumps/motors, metal trashcans, chiller, non operational office equipment and non operational computer equipment as salvage to be thrown away or sold as scrap.

The Commissioners approved the budget amendments for the county and Ward Memorial Hospital.  The Court approved the payment of the county's bills.  The Commissioners approved Enterprise Crude to cross county roads 160 and 162 for pipeline purposes.

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