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Amy Enriquez and Wesley Prough

Mudville's own bachelorette was lassoed by Soldier Boy at sunset on Saturday, October 20, 2012.  Ahem, let me try that again.  Miss Amy Nicole Enriquez wed Wesley Thomas Prough at sunset on Saturday, October 20, 2012.

A lovely western, backyard ceremony (bullfight and cow's moo included) was witnessed by 80 to 90 of their closest (and most eclectic) friends and family.

Attending Miss Enriquez were her 5 colorful (read as: dresses, cowboy boots, and personality) bridesmaids.  As instructed, each groomsman wore a shirt matching his bridesmaid's dress color.  Yes, the rainbow was fully represented.

For entirely different reasons, Bride-zilla's parents (Steve and Nancy) were both glad the day had finally arrived.  Escorting Miss Enriquez down the aisle, her Daddy had a huge (no refunds, no return) smile stretching from ear to ear.  Meanwhile her mom was softly chanting, "I'm not losing a daughter, I'm gaining another son."  

The vows had Miss Enriquez written all over them, although she publicly takes no credit for them.  How many other brides would require their husband-to-be to say "I do" THREE SEPARATE TIMES in one ceremony?  I rest my case.

The good news?  They won't ever again have to hear the question "When are you two getting married?" 

What they WILL hear?  "Soooo, when are you two gonna have a...?"

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