Election Day
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Obama Re-elected

Early voting was from October 22, 2012 through November 2, 2012. 1,842 Ward County citizens voted early.  Ward County has 6,158 registered voters.  3,264 Ward County citizens voted in the 2012 General election.

Barack Obama (Democrat) was re-elected.  The President had 60,398,485 (50.4%) of the popular vote and 303 electoral votes. Mitt Romney (Republican) had 57,598,903 (48.1%) and 206 electoral votes.  It takes 270 out of 538 electoral votes to win the presidency.

The State of Texas results were Mitt Romney 4,542,012 (57.2%) and Barack Obama 3,285,200 (41.4%).  Gary Johnson 87,858 (1.1%) The State of Texas has 38 electoral votes.  Mitt Romney received all 38 electoral votes.

Results from election:

United States Senator-Ted Cruz-Republican
U.S. Representative, District 23-Pete P. Gallego-Democrat
Railroad Commissioner-Christi Craddick-Republican
Railroad Commissioner- Unexpired Term-Barry Smitherman-Republican
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2-Don Willett-Republican
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4-John Devine-Republican
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6-Nathan Hecht-Republican
Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals-Sharon Keller-Republican
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Pl 7-Barbara Parker Hervey-Republican
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Pl 8-Elsa Alcala-Republican
Member, State Board of Education, District 1-Martha M. Dominguez-Democrat
State Senator, District 28-Robert Duncan-Republican
State Representative, District 81-Tyron Lewis-Republican
Chief Justice, 8th Court of Appeals-Ann Crawford McClure-Democrat
8th Court of Appeals District, Place 2-Yvonne Rodriguez-Democrat
8th Court of Appeals District, Place 3-Guadalupe Rivera-Democrat
District Judge, 143rd Judicial District-Bob Parks-Democrat
District Attorney, 143rd Judicial District-Randy Reynolds-Democrat
County Attorney-Hal Upchurch-Republican
Sheriff-Mike Strickland-Republican
County Tax Assessor-Collector-Vicki Heflin-Republican
County Commissioner, Precinct No. 1-Julian Florez-Democrat
County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3-Dexter Nichols-Republican
Constable, Precinct No. 1&4-Billy Clayton-Republican
Constable, Precinct No. 2&3-Jimmy Hammond-Republican


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