Clara Edwards
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Celebrating the Beginning of Her 65th Year

West Texas State Bank honored Clara Edwards on Thursday, November 8, 2012 from 1-4 PM.  This November marks the beginning of Clara's 65th year at West Texas State Bank.  The bank served attendees punch and cookies.  The employees bought Clara a bench made by Texas Rockers and encouraged all to sign the bench to commemorate the day.  Clara said, "I've worked at this bank for so long because I love it and I love to meet people."

Clara began working at West Texas State Bank November of 1948 shortly after moving to Monahans with her husband.  She was the secretary for Mr. McWhorter.  Clara has also been a teller and a receptionist.  Clara said of current West Texas State Bank President, Sheran Johnson, "Sheran Johnson is as good a president as you can get."

Clara helps with the Relay for Life every year.  She also contributes to the Special Olympics as a coach and helps raise money for the group.  She also is a member of the First Baptist Church.

Clara is also a supporter of the girls softball team.  She pitched for the softball team when she first moved to Monahans.  She coached her youngest daughter's softball team.  Her granddaughter also pitched softball.  She was the little league secretary for a while.

Clara has received the Youth Award.  She also has a softball field named after her (Clara Edwards Field Park 4 Girl's Softball.) When Mudville residents think of West Texas State Bank or softball, Clara always comes to mind.

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