Superintendent Keith Richardson
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Announces Retirement

Superintendent Keith Richardson announced on Monday, November 19, 2012 during the school board meeting that he will be retiring. Mr. Richardson plans to retire after the end of this school year, sometime during the summer.  Mr. Richardson has been with MWPISD for 10 years as Superintendent.  He has been in education for 36 years.  24 of those years as a Superintendent.  When asked why he decided to retire, Mr. Richardson said, "Because it's been a great career and it's time.  Education has been a very good career choice."

Mr. Richardson plans to help with the transition to the new superintendent.  He will help the District in anyway he can, including help with the budget - if needed.  The MWPISD Board of Trustees will hold a special executive closed meeting to discuss personnel changes on December 3, 2012.

President of the MWPISD Board of Trustees, Bo Rose said, "As a Board, we fully support and understand Mr. Richardson's choice to retire.  We are extremely proud of all his accomplishments during his tenure.  We are appreciative of his commitment, dedication and loyalty to this school system and to the community.  Mr. Richardson has been eligible for retirement for several years, but he has been committed to leading us through some difficult changes and challenges with State Finance and the Accountability process. Mr. Richardson has given the Board the necessary time to decide on a direction and to develop a capable transition plan which he will participate in.  As a Board, we have to be prepared for these situations.  Even though we would like to see Mr. Richardson continue, we have confidence in our ability to move forward and embrace change."

Keith's wife, Bonnie will remain with the District.  The couple plan to remain in our community.  Keith participates in Monahans Ambassadors, Lion's Club, Chamber of Commerce, Friends of the Sandhills and the Ward County Endowment Fund and plans to continue participating in these groups.  Bo Rose said, "We are proud that the Richardsons will continue to be a part of our community."

After retiring from education, Keith plans on working a few more years.  He is unsure what his next career choice will be though. He's leaving the possibilities wide open.

Mr. Richardson said, "It's been an excellent match between me and the School District.  I think alot of things have been achieved. I appreciate everything the School Board and District have done for me.  It's been a good time here."

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