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Monahans Chamber of Commerce - Click to Visit
Monahans Chamber of Commerce
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Septic Disposal Rates Increased

The Monahans City Council met on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 3:00 PM.  The Council approved increasing the septic disposal rates from 12 1/2 cents to 15 cents per gallon based upon size of the tank, with a 1,000 gallon minimum charge of $150.  Currently R&R Construction is the only company dumping septic waste into our sewer plant.  Richard Erwin, owner of R&R Construction said, "The increase is more than fair.  We want to continue working with the City of Monahans."  The Council approved a septic sewer disposal contract with R&R Construction.

The Council approved an amended plat of the Monahans Industrial subdivison No. 5 which is west of the sewer plant.  The plat is already approved.  The amended plat is for the water, utility easements and the alley for the area.  The second filing for amended plat next to the above location was also approved by the Council.

The Council approved a Municipal lease purchase for a 2013 Cat Ct-660 4500 gallon water storage truck for the Monahans Volunteer Fire Department.  The agreement is for 3.2% interest for 36 months. The Council approved a Municipal Lease purchase of two new 430 FIT Caterpillar backhoe loaders.  The new backhoes will replace two 2003 models.  The 2003 models will be sold at a later date.

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